Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 reasons to become a nurse

1. Nurses are in demand now.
2. Great pay.
3. Lots of different opportunities in nursing.
4. Flexible working hours.
5. Nurses make a difference in people's lives.
6. Nurses interact with different people everyday.
7. Nursing is exciting.
8. There are lots of opportunities for advancement in nursing.
9. Nurses can change specialties.
10.Nurses are in demand everywhere and with portable skills; you can go where you want.


  1. I totally agreed on that. So sad to hear some people don't really know what does nurses do actually and how they can spread their wings. When people ask me why do you want to become a nurse? I answered " its vocation not an ambition before"

  2. Yes it's become a nurse was not my ambition too, it was fated to be in this line. The process of becoming a nurse is not as easy as what people think. Some easy to become a nurse just give injections only. Wow..then i replied " to learn how to give injection needs few hours only, then why need the 3 years training?". When I recalled back my memory when i was a student nurse...i can say really made it..gone thru all the hard time and challenges...NOT EASY TO BE A NURSE

  3. yes..... not easy to be a nurses...... 1st i thought we are the nurses just take care of the client....but its more than that....